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Luka Yexi


Italian Luka Yexi began in 1989 as Artistic Director and Choreographer and during these 3 decades of full dedication and constant re-invention, he has been working in practically all areas inside the showbiz and he is one of the masters of entertainment in Spain. Innovative and versatile choreographer, Luka Yexi and his creations have amazed spectators and professionals of all kinds for their quality and brilliance over the years at the international level. These include many original shows in which he has been responsible for the entire process related to creativity and staging, such as the original idea, script, editing and composition of music, image, costumes, multimedia and light design. From the beginning of his career and thanks for being one of the most respected dance teachers, he developed an extraordinary sense for the recruitment and development of talents: that value is clearly reflected in each show. By now he is the only creator in Spain, which holds 15 staging of Musicals, among them Jekyll & Hyde and Peter Pan in Spain and Italy, Blood Brothers, La Cage aux Folles, Annie as well as multiple versions of The Magic of Broadway, since the hysterical Evil Dead, the Musical, and The Wedding Singer, directed by Tony Award’s John Rando, which earned him the PTM, Gran Via Award 2007 for Best Choreography in a Musical in Spain. Luka´s professional career includes works in about 10 movies; staging, Videoclips and Tours with several artists; TV programs and galas of all the Spanish national TV chains as well as drama series, highlighting the case of UPA, Un Paso Adelante (One Step Forward. a XXIst century version of “Fame”. Paso Adelante in Italy, Un, Dos Tres in France and broadcasted in other 57 countries), in which Luka had a fundamental role as an advisor and choreographer.
Since the founding in 2007 of the agency Bravo Showmakers, together with Ery Marzán as Production Director, everything was amplified and strengthened in a system for a more effective organization and to expand the projection and audacity of its proposals. With Bravo, he conceived, designed and directed shows of very big dimensions, until to coordinate hundreds of performers, in a myriad of events of all kinds, for Municipalities, Casinos and plenty of brands: under his baton, with the help of his great empathy with the artists and the ability to always offer customers the most appropriate solution, Bravo manage to give a personal stamp that combines innovation and professionalism. It´s not only “what”, but “how”.
One of the major specialties of Bravo is, since 2011, the creation and representation of more than a dozen Dinner – shows, which have been successful internationally in all its venues, including the Middle East. As a result of this success, in 2015 Platea Madrid, the largest and most important gastronomic and leisure space in Europe, decides to hire Bravo Showmakers to provide original assemblies created taylor-made and take charge of their cultural and brand promotional events and weekly concerts. After that 2016 marks the beginning of the collaboration, which will be repeated in the following years, with the famous Starlite Festival Marbella: a show every night throughout the whole summer.
In recent years, the ability to adapt, communicate and socialize, and thanks to its use of several languages, have led Luka to solve with great challenges for Vodafone in Egypt, the choreographic coordination at the V Asian Games in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, the provision of artists for the MTV EMA 2018.

Ery Marzán


Ery Marzán has been involved in show business for almost 3 decades, since he was a professional dancer from 1990 to 2002, linking numerous TV shows, events and musicals throughout a successful career. In the following years he continues to grow in the world of dance as an assistant and choreographer (X Factor, Pop Star, Miss and Mister Spain and dozens of events) getting to have a knowledge of the media and its inner work.
It is from 2006 with “Bravo Showmakers”, the company that he founded with his teacher and business associate Luka Yexi, when he began his career as Production Director, creating and promoting in Madrid the first acrobatic center of multidisciplinary artists, “Multiespacio El Cubo” , from where it begins to direct, with a firm hand, productions, nationally and internationally. With the results of an elaborate evolution, the next step for Ery was the creation and direction of “Kaleido”, Bravo Showmakers’ own company, which was formed with multidisciplinary artists trained in El Cubo, protagonists of all its shows and aerial performances. Over time the amount of responsibilities and need to complete his work with efficiency and leadership has led him to direct more and more complex assemblies and the complete production of shows created integrally in Bravo! such as: Ecopolis, Millenium, La Estrella, Onyria, La Medusa, Coliseum, Drakonium and others, all of them with montages that represented a real challenge. In addition to them, he assumed responsibility for other productions such as Gormiti, a large-scale family show that toured Spain, Portugal and even Turkey, in which he needed to profess great control and ability to solve all the complications that the tour raised.
In 2011 Bravo! Showmakers started producing several Dinner-shows, not only in Spain but also internationally in Morocco and Egypt, like: Surprised! BCN; Heaven; Red Light District, Imperial Cabaret, Alice in Wonderland … and the most important and successful, Delizia.
Since January 2015, Bravo Showmakers joins Bodevil Theater in Madrid, in which Ery serves as Production Director: His level of responsibility allowed him to take the reins of the theater with his two Dinner-shows at the same time: “The Dinner of the Damned “and” Delizia” while, at the same time, he deals with the infinity of events that the theater was hosting.
His integrity and ability to handle difficult situations under pressure, has placed him, since spring 2015 in the prestigious place of Director of Artistic Production and Programming of Shows of Platea Madrid, the largest and most important gastronomic and leisure area in Europe: Platea opens 365 days a year and offers entertainment constantly, with an impressive list of performances, DJs and shows coexisting with countless large-format events, all of them are controlled by Ery.
All this does not take away a minute to be the producer of all the events of Bravo Showmakers and at the same time, since summer 2016, the difficult task of being able to stage a show every night at the famous Starlite Festival in Marbella during the whole season.

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