We are masters of entertainment: from Cabaret to a Big Band, from the best live voice to aerobatics, there is no talent of the hundreds that we have been put in front of different audiences that have not shone and seduced. We know that not only the experience and hard work in staging a show will guarantee success: our closeness to the artist allows us to exploit his best virtues and make each show a unique and very personal experience.


Events have always been one of our winning points. Our experience accumulated during decades of profession, has faced us great challenges and provided great successes. From the smallest and most intimate private event, to the most imposing and complicated, they have recognized our successful work: large multinationals; National companies, television channels, major fashion brands, hotel chains, embassies, casinos, town halls, shopping centers.


Since 2011, we created and have performed almost fifteen different Dinner – Shows at international level: Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella, Marrakech, Essaouira, Cairo … Our winning formula mixes these ingredients: choreography, live voice, acrobatics, visual numbers, great Musical variety, interaction with the public, humor, beauty, elegance, glamor. We have always achieved the great applause of the public, however different it may be.


Creativity and personality of our shows is what sets the tone in Bravo! Showmakers. In order to always be in the front line after so many years, we are constantly updating, discovering other horizons and ways to include new technologies and concepts in our performances. Our instinctive creativity, which receives energy from this incessant work, assures us to be prepared for all the challenges that the future fixes for us.


After a decade traveling to so many different destinations, we have developed and consolidated our particular modus operandi to face all kinds of event and performance at an international level. Our teams have succeeded in places that seem a priori complicated, like Angola, Egypt, Lebanon, Thailand or Morocco and we feel prepared for the next challenge.


Direct an international tour in 3 languages with settings at Sport Palaces; Produce, assemble and perform 4 Dinner – Shows on the same day in 3 different countries; Take the reins of a Theater and the largest leisure and entertainment center in central Madrid at the same time; Face the whole assembly of dozens of events … these are just some examples of what Bravo! Showmakers has successfully settled in the last decade. “Elasticity” of our team adapts, widens or specialized according to occasion and when required.


One of our best assets is to know how to recognize artistic talent and make it look great on stage. Over the last 3 decades we have worked, collaborated, formed, represented, selected, known and promoted hundreds and hundreds of talents that abound in Spain and others from all over the planet. There can hardly be others who have such a profound knowledge of the world of entertainment in Spain and of all the most valuable artists of the moment and the emerging ones of the future. Thanks to this, we can provide artists and performers for any project and anywhere in the world.


We have always had the privilege of having the best and inspired costume designer for show: from the most daring and glamorous to the most solvent and reliable, they are always our best asset to focus on the goal of each show and the whishes of the most demanding clients.


Sometimes the whole strength of an event, or the responsibility of hitting a look in an advertising Spot, is based on the peculiarity or creativity of the Make-Up Artists. We have the luck, and the success, of having been able to direct the best professionals that, complementing their creativity with professionalism, have helped us achieve great triunphs.


We use the musical edition as a character more of our shows, but at the same time we have always collaborated with creative and extraordinarily talented musicians for original creations, studio recordings and even lead symphonic orchestras.


We take care of the design and production of sets, attrezzo, utensils, and all kinds of aerial devices that may need a show. That allows us to unleash the fantasy in all the productions that require it and make it come true.


Once again, experience is a degree: decades of lighting design applied to Musicals, Events, Cabarets and shows of a thousand types, give us maximum reliability in this field.


The rhythm in which new developments are emerging today is extremely fast: We are aware that technology at the service of creativity, entertainment and its application in the stage settings is increasingly essential and opens a myriad of paths never explored before. For that reason, our eagerness is to be constantly seeking and incorporating new technologies or devices that enrich our settings.