When we embark on a TV show project, we do it to leave our mark so that it can be remembered.

MTV EMA 2018

Thanks to Paolo Pecoraro and Aicha McKenzie of the agency AMCKdance in London, we’ve been involved in such an amazing experience! The team of “The Squared Division” was in charge to create this outbreaking performance for Bebe Rexha in the MTV EMA, located in Bilbao and they put on stage something memorable with such talent, audacity, patience and an exquisite sensibility, especially with all the huge group of 100 artists that took part in it. We had to face so many troubles in the beginning to coordinate our group and make this happen, but thanks to my support Javier Rodriguez Diez and our charming team of dancers from Bilbao, the result was definitely stunning! To put our grain in this is really something to remember.


On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the first emission of Factor X in Spain in 2007, we created this video-souvenir to remember so many memorable and very unusual moments on TV, even today. One of the first major works of Bravo Showmakers, under the artistic direction of Luca Tommassini who created the X-Girls, for a program that made known to many great artists who are currently successful.


Talking about Un Paso Adelante is talking about one of the most successful TV series in history in Spain and abroad almost even more: in fact, it has been broadcast in almost 60 countries as different as the whole Latin America and Serbia or even in Iraq. Curiously, the greatest impact has been in France, a country whose entertainment channels have continued to program the series for 15 years. For a story whose main and differential fact was the choreography and the life of young emerging artists, the role of Luka Yexi as an advisor and choreographer was fundamental.


One of the most memorable entertainment programs on TV is Surprise Surprise. Bravo Showmakers took care of the last season on the air, with highlights like this choreography of “Voguing” that can be seen in the video here to side, which served as a presentation for Naomi Campbell.


Popstars was a worldwide success, broadcast throughout several parts of the world, which aimed to create a female group of Pop music choosing from a large number of girls who had to prove who was the best. Ery Marzán was part of the choreographic team that prepared the stagings in this program, broadcast in Spain by Tele5, from which many talents have emerged who continue their artistic career today.


Triumphs and failures of a group of young people whose lives revolve, mainly, around music and dance was the argument of this TV serial full of urban and youthful choreographies. It was a great bet of Antena 3 TV although, due to its continuous emission changes, it did not have the expected success. Here is one of the spectacular promos issued, with a choreography that we create on a water stage.


Bravo! Showmakers took care of staging, coordination and choreography for 52 Misses and 52 Misters for all the ceremony of Miss España and Mister España along 5 editions, from 2004 to 2008. This is the opening of the last edition.


In the years 2007, 2008 and 2009 we took care of the staging of several artists, such as Paco Arrojo, Mirela, Noelia Cano or Melody, who fought to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest that year. Here is the performance of Melody who took the 12 points of the professional jury.