In this space we present the most prominent Advertising Spots we have made in Spain and in other countries in recent years.



La Vuelta Ciclista a España had as an official theme the song “Bailarina” by the group Maldita Nerea. With the team of Daniel Terzagui we moved to Nîmes, the city designated as the first stage, located in the south of France. After performing a local casting, we recorded at the same time the “promo” of the Vuelta 2017 and the video clip of the song of Maldita Nerea. The city welcomed us with open arms and thanks also to the contribution of many volunteers, it turned out to be an exciting experience with a great result.


Choreograph and roll 4 advertising spots, with their photo reports, in a very short space of time; with a team of more than 20 dancers chosen in a local casting; with the peculiar handling of resources, times and distances, in a city like Cairo, it was a delicious challenge! Not suitable for someone without a great experience in empathy with the staff and knowing how to operate with other cultures as different as the Egyptian. Everything that was exhausting, fortunately, was also enriching. Such an amazing experience!.


Oscar winner Penélope Cruz was the star of this advertising campaign for a treasured Dubai jewelry brand. Filming presented several challenges that were brilliantly resolved: in our case, the casting and management of the most peculiar and difficult-to-find artists and characters, as well as the setting of aerial acrobatics.


The responsible for the announcements for Hypercor’s anniversary wanted a very creative image and a type of artists of level: We take care of making them happy with our selection and also with the artistic coordination during the several shoots.


This announcement of the new potatoes Lay’s baked was intended for the public of Eastern Europe. The peculiarity added to the creation of the choreography was that all the filming was done entirely in Chroma.


“Gaston” was a very fun Movistar campaign in which we contributed all the artistic staff, choreography and coordination.


When the advertising agency Yell, Yellow Pages coordinator, proposed us to create a corporate video with a “lip-sync” filmed by all the floors of its building with the participation of all its workers, it seemed a fascinating project. What resulted, after a big coordination work, is this fun and informal video, in which even the CEO of the company ends up dancing.