This is a selection of the SHOWS that we have represented, in many cases internationally, that we have available: Entertainment, Dinner -Shows, Theme Parties or created ex-profeso for events. In all of them we have applied our show “formula”, a mix of various performing arts and we have taken care of all the processes: from the original idea, creation, casting, production, direction, choreography, styling, lighting, staging to maintenance.


Since summer 2016 we have the privilege of creating shows and entertainment for Starlite Marbella, the largest Music and Concert Festival in Europe. We take care that the “Starlite Experience” can be the most pleasant and entertaining: from the moment we welcome the audience when it arrives at the Marbella Auditorium and we offer different performances, as well as with our shows after the concert until we keep powering the dance session until dawn. It is a wonderful challenge that we carry out with passion and pride and, of course, with the best artistic team, to ensure that daily success is bright until the end of the season.


Delizia is a luxury dinner-show, an experience to delight all the senses. An elegant evening to blend all pleasures harmoniously. The Show and the menu go hand in hand in this unique dinner in which talented artists perform, singing, dancing and “flying”, a variety of glamorous themed presentations, inspired by exotic countries, music, flavors, colors or Musicals. At the same time, private waiters delight the most demanding palates with dishes fully coordinated with the menu. Italy, France, Brazil, the United States, champagne … all these elements are mixed at the same time for a complete sensory experience. The Show has been 2 seasons in Madrid and, in different formats and versions, also in Barcelona, Cairo, Marrakech and other cities and exclusive spaces such as the Lounge Zone of Starlite Festival Marbella 2016.


Alice is a trip to the wonderful and psychedelic world of Alice in Wonderland: Theater, Music, Beauty, Dance, Aerial Acrobatics, performances mixed in an incredible environment full of imagination, luxury and fantasy. The venue becomes a great dream come true thanks to a well-known history, full of magic for itself, reinvented with humor, which invites you to escape from routine and get lost in the amazing world of ALICE IN WONDERLAND.


An extraordinary journey through time: The Master of Ceremony and host performs throughout the evening an amazing immersive journey that envelops the entire public. The show is a great display of performances that make a journey between the greatest hits of music, jumping from an era, a style and a place to another, over several centuries, in the past and even in the future. Our team of artists faces a real challenge, chaining one performance after another, interpreting characters as different as Pirates or Rockabillys, from the France of 1600 to appear inside the Death Star of Star Wars! To achieve the best result and that the illusion is totally credible, we do not neglect even a detail, from period costumes to the contribution of new technologies and audiovisual supports.


FUTURA is our most groundbreaking staging, a great technological experience but very human at the same time: The venue is transformed into a virtual and mutant world in which the audience experiences live a “full immersion” of amazing situations. The show, with performers, acrobats and live voices, is praised by the fundamental contribution of the creativity of mapping effects, broadcast on several screens, integrated with live performances. What makes the difference is that the performances merge with the images, inspired by fantastic futuristic and retro-futurist worlds; a glamorous style that also marks the ambience of the place. This style takes its references in the most iconic images of several films: From Star Wars to The 5th Element, from Tron to Barbarella, to Matrix and Metropolis. At the same time the show gives rise to incorporate all kinds of props and effects of the latest technology.


Totally inspired by the most contagious music from around the world! TROPICANA is a great international multidisciplinary show, the result of mixing several arts in their proper dose: singing, dance, music and acrobatics. To these elements we add beauty, breathless bodies; sensuality; impressive Latino dance choreography; interaction with the public; Shocking image, fabulous costumes; accessories and scenic elements … all combined as a tropical cocktail and served directly to an audience that, however heterogeneous it may be, understands, appreciates and enjoys the show completely.


Our team puts on stage weekly, in Platea Madrid, shows of many formats and contents with live music and flamenco dancing, in which the public enjoys a lot and in the end they are even encouraged to dance with us. But on great occasions we go back to the classics: that’s when the mythical character Carmen revives among the people in a renewed and surprising version. A theatrical staging, dancers, acrobats, singers, audiovisual support and the music of Bizet that enters directly into the veins of the spectators, make the impact of this show truly intense.


A “suite” inspired by the film Moulin Rouge and its most captivating moments: a frantic cancan, the sensuality of the girls, the passion transformed into a number of aerial acrobatics, and a tango that has made history!.


A trip to those wonderful ’20s in the United States, where champagne and money ran unchecked among the high society and in their wild parties, whose spirit “speakeasy” we revive in our representation. When the Charleston starts to play, the ambient turns into a great party in the mansion of the Great Gatsby: we also can enjoy a Champagne Chandelier service. The unique aesthetics of that time gives rise to the most elegant night possible, in which we can play a “Vogue” that reflects the look and the attitude of the maximum splendor of Hollywood Glamor.


An evening set in the USA from the 40s and 50s, post-war times marked by the devilish rhythm of Swing and Rock and Roll. Spectacular girls with Pin Up aesthetics, ex – military euphoric and eager to have fun, mythical songs and a lot of rhythm throughout a night under the badge of fun! The perfect formula for a thematic show, spread throughout the space of the venue: Singers, acrobats, dancers, rhythm and interaction with the public on the sound of an immortal music: a night that not suitable for boring people!.


Disco Fever is an evening inspired by the era of Disco music explosion in the late ’70s and early’ 80s whose references are movies like “Saturday Night Fever” or “Studio 54”. The animation does not stop in any moment: from the beginning, the DJ plays disco music and suddenly, mixed during the same session, show blocks are formed by songs performed live and danced all over the venue. Medleys, disco-divas, mythical hits … An explosive mixture of the best years of music to dance re-proposed with freshness and style with an amazing repertoire and some.


BACK TO THE 80s offers a range of sensations, supported by the powerful impact of memories, nostalgia and the joy of reliving unforgettable moments of the past, thanks to a generous and varied musical selection of the most enchanting music of all time. An amazing tribute and a recreation of some of the most popular Rock and Pop Superstars´ performances of that decade; Interpretations of songs with live voice; Vibrant music, rich in timeless successes, in original or reinvented versions; Choreographies in interaction with the public; Spectacular image; explosive clothing; An unusual scenography and a lot of energy!.