Our versatility gives a lot more: here are other works that we did, different from all the rest but still relevant.


In the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games that took place in Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan, we had the task of coordinating and taking care of every detail of the dozens of medals ceremonies: an apparently simple matter but full of details and protocols that , also due to the exotic nature of the local culture and the participants, it was a very intense experience.


By now he is the only creator in Spain, which holds 15 staging of Musicals, among them Jekyll & Hyde and Peter Pan in Spain and Italy, Blood Brothers, La Cage aux Folles, Annie as well as multiple versions of The Magic of Broadway and The Wedding Singer, directed by Tony Award’s John Rando, which earned him the Gran Via Award 2007 for Best Choreography in a Musical in Spain. His last creation is the hysterical Evil Dead, the Musical, with 11 nominations to Broadway World Awards Spain, including best Choreography.


The career of what is now called Bravo Showmakers began some 30 years ago in the best clubs and discos in Madrid, creating performances and shows that the people who frequented those places still have in their memories. The evolution of those stagings has led to our performances throughout the world and in the most impressive macro – parties.


Bravo Showmakers has created Videoclips, Concerts and Tours for many Spanish groups and artists, although there is one that deserves a prominent place: From ” Soldados del Amor ” in 1990 Luka Yexi has been the trusted choreographer of Marta Sanchez uninterrupted until the successful 2005 tour , whose testimony is published on DVD. Those years include “Desesperada”, “Soy Yo”, “Desconocida” and more recently “Get Together” and other choreographies and gestures that are already iconic for her fans and strictly linked to the image and career of the Queen of Pop in Spanish.


From September 2010 Bravo! He has been in charge of the production of the “Gormiti” tour. Despite wearing the “children’s show” poster, the show has colossal proportions, with a company of 20 acrobats / actors on stage, an impressive technical assembly and a stage set that needs large spaces to be fully displayed. The original production of the tour of Los Gormiti had a successful 2 year tour throughout Italy and Luka Yexi took the reins as director already in Spain. Bravo! It has been commissioned to repurpose the show: we take care of translation, casting, all recordings and characterizations of the voices, all the details of local production, directed by Ery Marzán, and their trials, staging and studied illumination. The show has been touring filling the sports palaces of the largest cities in Spain, then Portugal and even in Turkey, ending at the Amusement Park in Madrid throughout the 2012 season.


Cabaret dinner-show for Carpe Diem Lounge Club Barcelona. In December 2011, during 2 triumphal seasons Bravo has created, produced and staged a show tailor made for one of the most exclusive restaurants-clubs of Barcelona: a unique, different and sensual experience. The audience is immersed in an extraordinary world in which characters are enigmatic, magical and provocateurs that stimulate their imagination; unusual situations full of emotions; beauty and spectacular performances by top artists: live vocals, acrobatics, daring burlesque girls that add spice to the explosion of flavors of the best dinner in town, with all senses to the surface.


Chef Show is designed for restaurants or environments related to food that includes singers and dancers characterized as cooks, who “come out of the kitchen” of the venue to entertain the public: they sing, dance and interact with customers with a careful repertoire and voice live. Among the characters there is also a cook / aerial acrobat, which surprises with a performance on tissues.