In our career we created or had an outstanding participation in an almost innumerable list of EVENTS of all kinds and for dozens of national and international brands, from the simplest to the most spectacular and complicated: this is a selection of those we want to stand out due to some of its peculiarities.


The 30th anniversary of Vogue magazine has probably been the best event – party in many years. Not only socially, because of its transcendence and because of the presence of the “royalty” of fashion and art worldwide and the infinite number of celebrities, but also because of the almost-unrepeatable lived environment and experience that it has had in this case a very large emotional component. So almost 30 years after being the pioneer and representative of “Voguing” in Spain, Luka Yexi, with Ramiro Jofre, have once again provoked one of those magical moments that happen only once in a while on a stage, with the staging of a “Vogue” that will remain in the memory.


Bravo showmakers has been taking care of the Platinum Contact Center Awards since 2011, until now about to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The peculiarity and challenge of this shows has always been to liven up an awards ceremony by reinventing each year and creating a series of performances according to a general theme, which has been consistent with the place of representation or a creative idea. So we have changed historical times and places to put on stage from a cabaret on the terrace of the Circle of Fine Arts, make a technological journey to the future, or put an orchestra and a dinner on the stage of the Teatro Real of Madrid.


The world-class movement “Wanderlust” trusted us for its fun event that opened the FITUR ’17 week in Madrid: The hosts of the evening were the celebrities Dani Garcia, chef with two Michelin stars, and Fernando Romay, ex – basketball player of the Spanish national team.


The Italian brand Piaggio wanted to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Vespa with a dinner with a show in which its most iconic motorcycle was present as the most special guest. As another peculiarity, we simulate the evening as if it were a “real” New Year’s Eve, extolling its festive and celebratory character.


During 2018 we have collaborated in the biggest campaigns of product launch of GHD, taking care of a thousand details in 2 events of great media coverage, such as #largavidaalasreinas.


The French champagne brand La Veuve Cliquot likes to make a special celebration on Halloween with its color, yellow, as a recurring theme, but always with a different touch: The first time we set up a “Hounted House” inside the same venue and the second was the time of a “magical” caravan of gypsies, minstrels and sorceresses. Of course the grand finale has always been a “Champagne Service” with girls filling the glasses of the customers from aerial structures.


In 2014 Luis Álvarez had a great idea, to promote, in collaboration with Air Europa, a direct flight between Madrid and Las Vegas with the peculiarity of hosting on board the first cabaret inside an aircraft. On each of these trips there was a “captain” – host of honor: the Spanish celebrities Mario Vaquerizo, Jose Corbacho, Santiago Segura, Jose Mota and El Gran Wyoming. The show was already starting at the airport, and we took care of that setting.


On the occasion of the conquest of the 31st League Championship, we took care of the extraordinary staging of the celebration of Real Madrid in front of 85,000 euphoric spectators, at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. Probably one of the most memorable and impressive events, for the occasion, atmosphere and scenario, in which we had to apply all our capabilities and efforts.


Dreams 2 was a huge show created by Fermin Perez and Global Dream: the first “large format” setting in Spain, the result of a long and exhaustive gestation and whose preparation was a real challenge for us. A water stage of 45m x 25m, about 200 artists to coordinate, a montage full of complicated aerial structures, hundreds of technical devices, lights, fountains … everything was impressive in a show that needed sports palaces to be represented.


For the opening of the Medieval Market of Ibiza, we created an original show telling a story with a very old flavor: a Trovador that introduces exotic characters that come from all over the world to bring their merchandise and then invites them to enter inside the city wall. Each of the characters had a huge hand-painted vignette, which was displayed on the city wall to tell their particular story. To explain the vignette, the Troubadour spoke with a “Mediterranean” language created on purpose, simulating the medieval one, mixing words in several languages such as Catalan, French, Italian and ancient Spanish.


Among the numerous events held with Renault, in Marrakech, Seville or Barcelona, perhaps the one in Valencia was one of the most spectacular due to the scenery in which we were submerged: very appropriate word in this case since our stage was the huge pool of the Ciutat de les Artes y les Ciencies.