Bravo Showmakers can count since more than a decade with the most complete portfolio of the best professional aerial acrobats, national and international, having in many cases driven their careers from the beginning. As a result, in addition to offering a great combination of disciplines and performances, we created several original shows founded on aerobatics, as set forth below.


In 2014 Bravo represented a show created taylor made for the celebration of the Millennium of the kingdom of the city of Badajoz. A journey through time for a thousand years representing 4 major stages that have marked the history of the city until its projection into the 21st century: From its Muslim foundation, later moving through the Christian Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the modern industrial era to end our days. Music and aerial performances took the audience through the centuries in an imaginary fantasy journey in a big time celebration of the event.


La Estrella is an ideal show for a magical outdoor night, the celebration of the arrival of the great star that brings peace and love: an imposing metal structure with a 14-pointed star shape, comes flying over the heads of the public and thanks to this we perform different numbers of aerial acrobatics, accompanied by live voice.


A large metallic sphere, from which 4 aerial tissues hang, gives body to the “Medusa”, a structure that allows an aerial acrobatics performance outdoors as well as in large indoor spaces. The most daring and suggestive of the versions we represent, as you can see in the photos of the gallery, it was undoubtedly the one we did on the waters of the Avilés estuary, in Northern Spain.


ONYRIA is a fantasy tale about the dreamlike characters of the world of the night, like mocking fauns and fairies: a show in which the world of dreams, magic and beauty take shape in a lavish, dynamic, captivating and brilliant presentation. The beauty of his images, the peace and harmony that comes from its music, mixes without stridency with amazing acrobatic moments full of charm. The lightness that vertical dance brings, made on emblematic walls, provokes images for the memory. It was premiered on the wall of the castle of Ibiza, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of its proclamation as Unesco World Heritage.


Ecopolis, The Show is an exciting show that manages to raise awareness about the ecological theme. Perhaps it is the show that symbolizes more clearly our formula of show, fusion of many performing arts: Theater, Dance, Aerial acrobatics, Original music, voice and even percussion live. Released on the occasion of the Sustainability Week in Rivas and sponsored by Domingo J. Beltrán (Ex-director of the European Environment Agency), and Teresa Rivera, Minister of Ecological Transition, Ecopólis was born with the intention of removing the ecological conscience of the spectators through the staging of a story in which everyone can feel alluded or identified at some time.


Extravagaria, the cabaret-rogue,  was our first Cabaret, back in 2009. It´s a show that combines dance, theater, the contemporary circus in the key of Cabaret, but in a different way. A fun “fauna” of extravagant characters amuses, and at the same time amazes with its skills, an audience that gives itself completely to an entertaining experience.


Drakonium is an epic-medieval tale of the eternal struggle between good and evil in an acrobatic key. We created this original story together with Bungy System, for the opening of the Medieval Market of Ibiza in 2008: when the city is celebrating the opening of the market there are some sinister figures on a black horse; everything seems lost until the intervention of Drako, a dragon that appears flying with a winged white being inside that manages to frighten the evil and return the bonanza to the city.


The most spectacular and luxurious way to serve Champagne from the “air”. Our performers, characterized according to the type of event, serve the drink to customers from the top of a ring, a lamp or a frame prepared for the occasion. With our experience gained after having done it in various places in the world such as Bangkok, Cairo, Morocco or Spain, it is a real magnet for the public and gives a touch of exclusivity to events.